A Letter to the Readers

Posted in Uncategorized by hakimapia on April 14, 2010

Dear readers,

Welcome to my blog. Let me introduce to you…”mybetterdraft”. Since I don’t honestly expect that everyone will find my blogs “better”, as compared to other blogs out there, let me share with you why I named it such.

I do believe that life should keep on getting better everyday. As written in the book of Isaiah 29:24 of the Holy Bible, “Those who erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and those who murmured shall learn doctrine.” I’ve been inspired by a man who unceasingly searches for truth and understanding. And as I witness his endeavors, I see his continuous improvement and enlightenment. Learning from him, makes me want to share with the world (via worldwide web) the truth I was able to realize and appreciate. I consider this realization far better than the knowledge I obtain from schools and universities. That is why, in starting this blog, I know I’m taking one step for the better. Who knows, I might also be able to inspire another person to start his/her own blog after reading mine.

To be frank, I’m not adept at blogging. Most of the time, even in speech, you may find my sentences, wrong in grammar. If you don’t mind, I would like to request one thing from you: if you are not able to comprehend my write-ups when you first read it, kindly read it again. I promise to make my blog as sensible as I could, in trying to follow the sensibility of the one I’m taking after.

May the good Lord guide you and me as we discover and share our worlds from different perspectives with the aid of this technology!

With warm regards.

-the author